Cedric Emil

If you’re here then you want to know more about me! Well, I’m a self taught Portrait Photographer based out of Columbus, GA. Blissful Visuals by Cedric Emil is a literal brand. My goal with Photography and Cinema is to always capture whatever moment of Bliss there is to be captured. I know that life is full of these moments. Whether it be a personal moment, a moment shared with family and loved ones, or in the world of business, I aim to play my part in documenting those moments. I set out to do so in a way that speaks to the viewer’s emotions. If my images don’t trigger some type of emotional response, then I feel like I’ve missed the mark. I’ve spent the last 6 years perfecting and improving my craft to ensure that my clients can have that heart felt, emotion filled Blissful Experience!

Columbus, GA 706.478.7640